Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gustin's Baptism

I love baptisms. It doesn't matter who is getting baptized, young or old, related to me or not. They are amazing. It's like I can feel God's graces flowing through the air and around all those who are present. Saturday was an amazing day baptizing Gustin and celebrating with family. I will cherish all the memories we made.

Here's my little boy being baptized. He did not cry at all, but as soon as the water hit his scalp, his eyes got really big. He quietly fell asleep before being anointed with the spicy smelling chrism. The rich scent stayed on him all day long.
Here he is cuddling his godmother, my sister.
And, here's the entire crew, my Dad, my Mom, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Gustin, my sister Kelly and my brother Dan. Well, almost the entire crew. Dan's wife Rachel is taking the picture.
And, here's the very blessed Mommy and Daddy.

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Lillian said...

Welcome Augustin!! Wat beautiful pictures of his special day!