Thursday, November 1, 2007

I'm not the most observant person

How does this happen when you are standing two feet away the entire time?

Elizabeth colored the grout of the kitchen tile green with her colored pencils. Then she got bored with green and colored another big section purple. I was standing right next to her trying to make some All Saints Day cookies. I was so focused on getting them done quickly before the baby started fussing that I didn't notice. I just knew that she was keeping herself busy and was glad that I didn't have to make the cookies with her "help". Oh well, at least the cookies came out well.

How do you get colored pencil off of grout, you may ask? Elbow grease. Lots of it.


Jill said...

I can relate. I had a big, black smiley face on my carpet last year!
Cute costumes, by the way!

Tracy said...

oh, my!! Well, she sure kept it in the lines! ha!!

Colleen said...

I didn't think about that, she did stay in the lines didn't she!