Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm growing!

Figuratively, of course, not literally. Nope, I did all my literal growing a long time ago but it has taken a while for my figurative growth to catch up. However, the other day Gustin's pediatrician asked me how tall I was and I said:

"Six foot."

I didn't think much about it at the time, but since then I've been thinking about it a lot. You see, that is not my normal answer. Normally I say I'm 5'11" (I'm actually like 5'11-7/8" or something like that. Just a smidgen under six foot). I guess it's because I've always tried to minimize my height.

I've been tall from the get-go. I was 22" long at birth and never looked back. Being a tall child has it's advantages and disadvantages.

  • Can always reach the top shelf in the kitchen
  • Can help little old ladies get things off the top shelf at the grocery store
  • Never need assistance getting things off the high racks in department stores
  • Playing basketball
  • Taller than all my friends (by a least a head)
  • Started being taller than my teachers in 4th grade
  • Looked older so I was expected to act older
  • Clothes shopping was difficult to say the least and at times would end with me in tears
  • Taller than all the boys when that started to matter
  • Gangly and awkward
  • Stuck out in a crowd
As I've gotten older I have been slowly (very slowly!) learning to accept my height. A big step was marrying a man who is shorter than me. I've got Eric beat by like 3 or 4 inches. Two years ago I finally bought my first pair of heals. I've avoided them like the plague most of my life and I guarantee you that on my wedding day I was wearing the flattest of flats. But, now I own a few pair and I wear them without being self-conscious and without slouching in an attempt to minimize my height (or the height difference between my husband and I).

I'm also finally recognizing some additional advantages to being tall:
  • Lots of room to carry babies. I'm always complimented on my cute, round, pregnant belly.
  • Putting on five (or ten) pounds isn't as obvious cause there's lots of room to spread it around.
  • I'm able to utilize my upper cabinets to the max (okay, that one is kind of a repeat).
  • Many clothes styles are most flattering on a tall figure.
  • I can always see over people and never miss out on any of the action at mass.
  • I'm the only one who can see how dirty the top of my refrigerator is.
It's kind of interesting to look back and see how much I have changed in the last ten years or so. Life is definitely more fun when you learn to accept the body that God has given you. I truly hope that I can teach that lesson to my children at a much younger age than I learned it. I think them seeing a confident mommy who is comfortable in her own skin is a good start.


Jill said...

Wow. I saw your profile picture and thought you looked pretty tall. That's so interesting.

Lillian said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. I've always thought you and Eric make a beautiful couple!!

Colleen said...

Thank you, Lillian. I really appreciate that!

Emily said...

That's so funny.... I never realized you were 6 feet tall!!! I'll have to go back and look at some of the old blog pictures. Maybe I just thought you had a short house;)
Don't you know that models have to be at least 5'10 or something like that? And about how we are all supposed to look like you with long, lanky bodies and cute little teeny basketball tummies? You big barbie, you. I am totally not going to let my kids see your blog now;) Don't want any unrealistic images of a beautiful mama like you filling their heads;)

Anonymous said...


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