Sunday, March 9, 2008

Musings on life, death and heaven by a three year old

On the way home from a weekend trip to visit family today, we passed by a large statue of Sam Houston, the first president of the independent country of Texas back in the 1800s. We explained to the kids who he was, and here's the conversation that it inspired.

Jonathan: When did he live?
Me: A long, long time ago.
Jonathan: Before you were born?
Me: Yes, a very long time before I was born.
Jonathan: But after Jesus, right.
Me: Yep, after Jesus.
Elizabeth: So, is he died?
Me: Yeah, he died a long time ago.
Elizabeth: Why did he die?
Me: Well, he just got old and died. No one can live forever. At least, no one can live forever on earth. You can live forever in heaven.
Elizabeth: You can live forever in heaven, but not on earth? On earth you die?
Me: That's right.
Elizabeth: But what about astronauts? Can they die? They don't live on earth!

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Christine said...

Quick! I love how fast kids think and how the wheels turn.