Monday, March 31, 2008

Can you believe it?

After months of patiently trying to get Gustin to eat any food other than Mommy's milk, we've finally had a breakthrough. Well, sort of. You see in this picture that he is willing eating from this spoon. He ate bite after bite and when Daddy wasn't feeding him fast enough, he would grab the spoon and pull it to his mouth while making squeals of excitement. Alleluia! The child is eating!

The only hiccup is, he's not exactly eating an ideal food for a baby. Actually, it's really not an ideal food for an adult either. And, it's definitely not on the list of recommended first foods. OK, I'll just say it.

He's eating ice cream.

But, we were so excited that he was eating that we literally cheered and kept shoveling the sugary, fat filled, cool and creamy treat into his mouth as fast as he would let us. I was hoping that this breakthrough would lead to him eating many other more healthful foods, but this baby is too cunning to be tricked into eating pureed peas when he knows there is ice creamy goodness out there to be had.

So, we keep trying. I think next I'll try some plain yogurt sweetened with applesauce. Maybe I can trick him into thinking it's ice cream.


Lillian said...

YES!! I was thining the exact same thing! Yogurt!! They make sweetened baby yogurt that has much more fat than the regular adult yogurt. YEAH Gustin!

Colleen said...

Thanks, Lillian! I know you really understand how excited we were because you've been there.

I tried the yogurt this afternoon. No luck.

I must remember... patience, patience, patience.

Tracy said...

Oh he is so cute!!!

Jill said...

What a cute sight. And what a smart baby. Of course it's much more fun to eat ice cream!

I think your patience mantra will be said many times as Gustin gets this all figured out. :)