Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some pictures from our Spring Break

For our Spring Break, we headed to Eric's small hometown to spend a few days with his parents. Jonathan got up early each day to be able to go to work with his Paw for a few hours. Paw is a building contractor and Jonathan loves to "help" him. After getting his crews started in the morning, Paw took us all fishing.

Here's Eric and our dog. I don't think that I have really mentioned our dog on this blog before. I seem to forget that we have one. I'm not a dog person. I gave in and agreed to getting a dog two years ago because I love my husband and I think pets are good experiences for kids. Our dog is a female rat terrier named Britches. I make sure that the kids feed her and that she gets to the vet when she needs to, but otherwise I basically just try to put up with her. Some days I do better than others. Elizabeth is a serious fisherwoman. At least she is for about fifteen minutes, then she spends the rest of her time climbing on top of rocks and jumping off. Her fishing pole is a purple and pink Dora pole that comes with a fake fish on the end of the fishing line. She cast her fake fish into the water over and over again.
Here's Gustin in the sandbox back at Granny and Paw's house. My kids spent about 90% of their time there outside since we had absolutely fabulous weather. I loved it!
Elizabeth did come down with a fever on our second day. Don't feel too sorry for her, though. As you can see, she was very well taken care of by her Granny and it only lasted for about 36 hours.
And, who is this little boy? That's not my baby, is it? No, it can't be. He looks way to big to be my baby.
Happy April everyone!


Jody said...

Can you send some of that great weather my way? We had a snow storm yesterday of about 4 inches. Ugh, I'm ready for the snow to be gone! And to be able to go outside without jackets and in short sleeves and sandles. Looks like a great spring break.

Tracy said...

Wonderful pictures, looks like everyone had a great time!!

Shannon said...

oh how cute!!

Jill said...

Adorable photos.
Yes, the best place to get a fever is at grandma and grandpa's!
Wow. I am ready for summer after looking at your photos. And, no, that couldn't be your baby on a trike!!