Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh my!


What an ordeal! I posted before about the wonderful new kitchen table that Eric got me for our anniversary. It's been on back order and I have been waiting so very patiently. Ordering it was kind of complicated. The table and some of the chairs were supposed to be delivered to the store via their distribution center and some of the tables were ordered through their website and would be delivered directly to our house. Almost every week I have been getting an email update saying that the delivery date for the internet chairs is being pushed back by another week. The last update said they should be here in mid-May.

On Tuesday, we got a call from the store saying that they cannot get the other chairs. Period. I don't understand why, but they are just not available even though when we ordered them they told us that 36 of them were sitting in the distribution center. So, Eric calls the store to figure out what was going on and as they are discussing the chair situation (canceling the internet order, finding a new style that we like, etc), he casually asks when the table will be available. The lady responds by asking, "Didn't you pick it up last week?" What? Uh, no! They gave our table away to someone else and they don't even know who! I couldn't help but just laugh about it all when Eric filled me in today. Such a comedy of errors!

So, at this moment we have no table and no side chairs, but we do have arm chairs on the way that won't match anything. Somehow we'll get this all sorted out and we'll get a new kitchen table and chairs, I just don't know when, what they will look like or what other craziness will happen in the mean time. I'll keep you all updated on the drama!

I should finally have my table and chairs in about 2-3 weeks. We will be getting the table that was supposed to go to the people who got ours and I picked out a new style of chairs. I think I will be really happy with them even though they weren't my first choice. The chairs are slightly more expensive, but the store gave us a nice discount for our trouble and I think we ended up a couple hundred dollars ahead. Of course, that doesn't include the extra money we spent on gas for the hour and a half round trip drive nor the dinner that we ended up eating at the Cheesecake Factory since it was supper time by the time everything got sorted out. But, I have to say, I think the fantastic Godiva chocolate cheesecake that we brought home made it all worth it!


Lillian said...

Won't that be funny!! Sitting in your new chairs with plates in your lap!!

Christine said...

I'm so glad it worked out. You sound so peaceful about the whole thing, I think I would have been pretty upset. Thanks for being a model of patience and goodwill to me today.

Lael said...

Oooh - I think a Cheesecake Factory visit would make just about anything worthwhile! The chairs look very nice and classic.

BTW - I've been working on the meme. I could very well be the slowest meme'er ever. Thanks for the tag - this is my first one!