Saturday, April 5, 2008

A solution

Gustin is not allowed in the kids' playroom because of all the little legos and other small toys that the baby does not need to get a hold of. Of course, the playroom is where he wants to be since it is where his brother and sister are playing. We are constantly chasing down my surprisingly fast crawler whenever he makes a sprint for the playroom. Jonathan, my little problem solver, came up with a remedy to this problem.

"We just need to make a sign," he said, "and hang it next to the door to the playroom. The sign will say, 'No babies, just dogs.'"


Tracy said...

OH, do I know about this one!!! Alex is not allowed into Zach and Matt's room unless they say it is o.k. and it has become a non stop cry festival!!! Zach and Matt have so many small breakable toys that many they have bought with their own saved money and Alex just doesn't understand that no touching means "no touching!!" it is very hard to get this through to him, he adores his big brothers but they don't adore his roaming hands that seem to break their favorite toys!

Jill said...

So cute!
I like the meme...I'll see if I get a chance to do it. I laughed so hard about the leg shaving one. SOunds a bit too familiar.