Wednesday, March 5, 2008

You never know what will inspire a song

This morning Jonathan tied both of his shoes all by himself for the first time. On the drive to school I praised him for practicing so hard and finally accomplishing his goal. Jonathan then said, "Yeah, but this one is still kind of loose," referring to one of his shoelaces.

Elizabeth then breaks out with, "Loose...Loose...Kick off your Sunday shoes!"

How does my three year old know Footloose? The only music I hear these days is Veggietales and the CDs from vacation Bible school. Somehow I suspect her Daddy is to blame. :)


Tracy said...

Oh, that is so cute!!

Jill said...

Cute. I wonder where my kids here songs too. They are always singing and making up their own verses to things. It's such fun.

Christine said...

Cute! I love how kids pick up songs without rhyme or reason. Clare sometimes sings getting to know you - and she only heard it once when we rented the King and I.