Tuesday, March 18, 2008

All about Elizabeth

I came across a few random, recent pictures of Elizabeth in my files so I thought I would put together a post all about my little girl.

Gustin got a Bumbo as a gift when he was about six months old. He never really took to it. I think he was maybe a little too old and too mobile to be happy when so contained. Elizabeth, on the other hand, has gotten some mileage out of the thing. The is her favorite perch for watching a movie.
By the way, she always plays with her belly button when she sucks her thumb. That is why she has her shirt hiked up. You should see her at church. She hikes her dress up to her arm pits and sucks her thumb and plays with her belly button all through mass. She's highly visible since we sit in the front row. I've caught several of our priests and deacons chuckling at her during mass. I hope distracting the priest during mass is not sinful!

She has recently taken interest in letters and writing. Here she is writing all nine letters of her name. A big accomplishment for a little girl!
Here's a close up view.
Her E's always seem to have more than three horizontal lines. I think she sees the three line standard as more of a suggested minimum.

Like Blair, we've been on the lookout for some little girl appropriate sandals. We finally found some yesterday and since Daddy is out of town, we wanted to take a picture of them to send to him so he could see. Elizabeth posed the shot.
I've chronicled her love (read: obsession) with cars before. Whatever we're doing, we can't forget Lightning McQueen!


Tracy said...

What a darling little girl and so pretty!! I love the belly button, thumb in the mouth.. priceless!!!

Christine said...

She is so precious. I love the difference between the relaxing belly buttom thumb pose and the studious writer.

Jill said...

Thanks for the cute glimpse into the life of Elizabeth. She must be a delightful little daughter!

Rebecca :-) said...

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