Monday, May 5, 2008

A day at the ball park

Alternate title: The day Jonathan got two loose teeth!

Yesterday we went to an Astros baseball game. It was so much fun and the weather was absolutely perfect!
This was our view from the cheap seats in the nosebleed section. This is only the second professional baseball game that I have ever been to. At the first one, the Astros lost horribly (something like 14-1), but we were hopeful that today they would give us a better show. They sure did. At one point they were down 6-2 but they came back and tied it up in the bottom of the nineth. We stayed through the tenth inning, but by then the kids had had enough. The sports lover in me was dying at having to leave such an exciting game. The Astros did finally win it with a two run homer in the twelfth inning, which we heard on the radio in the car on the drive home. What a great game!

Here's Eric entertaining Gustin. Sometimes a dad has to be willing to make some sacrifices to keep his baby happy. This time Eric's hat turned into a chew toy.
I think Elizabeth had fun. She didn't like getting her picture taken and she sucked her thumb a lot. But, she loved it when Daddy took her on a walk around the ballpark and she made sure that she brought her pink baseball glove.
At one point during the game I noticed that Jonathan had a gap between his bottom two front teeth, which in not normal. On closer inspection we discovered that he has two loose teeth! I think that discovery was much more exciting for him than the game was. For the rest of the day he say things like, "The two loose tooth boy is ready for supper," or "Mommy, I have two loose teeth!" (he said that only about two hundred times) or "At school tomorrow I'm going to write in my journal that I got two loose teeth at the Astros game this weekend." This morning the instant he woke up he said, "I think my two loose teeth are much more looser!" And, meanwhile, I feel kind of like I did on the first day of Kindergarten. My little boy is growing up! My heart is warming and breaking all at the same time.
I'll leave you with one last picture. A rare shot with Mommy in it. Of course, I had to take it myself!

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