Thursday, May 29, 2008

Portrait session

Now that Gustin is one year old, it was time to get his portraits done again. I have to say, I really dislike taking my kids to a portrait studio to get their pictures done. It's so much work to get the all dressed up and trying to time it so we arrive there after a good nap and with a full belly so that the baby is not grumpy. And, my kids are always scared of those places. They don't like the strangers, the bright lights or being taken out of Mommy's arms and placed on a table covered in some kind of furry, carpet thing.

So, this time I decided to do something different. I asked my brother to come over and take the pictures with his fancy shmancy new camera. And, it worked great! Gustin played and was happy and gave us lots of smiles and I wasn't stressed at all! I'm getting all my family members to pick which pose they like best and then I'll place orders online for the prints and have them shipped directly to their houses.

Here's the pic I chose for his portrait:
He's playing in the sandbox in our backyard.

And, here a few of my other favorites taken while he played on and around a chair in the living room:
Not bad, huh?


Lillian said...

GREAT PICS!!! That's what we do too because I can't imagine taking them all in either! LOL!

Your brother did a great job!!

Jill said...

Aslynn has always been a ham for any camera. But, the boys hated and screamed like crazy at the studios. I attempted a final studio shoot right before we left Iowa and Bennett still screamed. (I thought he would have grown out of it since we hadn't tried in so long. But, I guess not!) So, we won't be doing studios for a couple of years...wish we had one of those great cameras, though!

WOw. All of the pictures turned out great. Not just because of the camera. Adorable subject, too!

Colleen said...

Oh good, I'm not the only one! My mom got portrait studio pictures of us every two months during our first year and I've felt so guilty that I haven't done the same. I forced myself to do 6 month and one year shots. All the grandparents really like getting copies of the professional looking pictures.

I'm actually looking into getting a digital SLR camera myself, now. I really love photography and the idea of no more portrait studios is a big motivation. My brother has a Canon Rebel XTi and I'm looking into the Nikon D60.

Shannon said...

Colleen! He's such a love!!! Oooh I could just squeeze him! Also, thanks for your encouraging comments. You always inspire and assure me!

Tracy said...


Blair said...

Beautiful shots! I love the first one of the chair series :)

veronica said...

Those are great! He has got the most beautiful and striking eyes!

Oh and thank you for the prayers...Gerardito had his last vomiting incident on Saturday afternoon..and he is back to what appears to be his normal self!