Tuesday, May 27, 2008

First day of summer

For us, today is the first day of summer because on Friday Jonathan became a Kindergarten graduate! As soon as I retrieve the pictures from Eric's camera I'll post some of the proud boy.

I'm so excited to have him home during the day again. But, it also means all of our routines are changing. The good thing is we don't have to wake up super early anymore or make the 1+ hour round trip to pick Jonathan up from school in the afternoon. The bad thing is I'm a creature of habit that doesn't like changing routines so the adjustment will probably throw me off for awhile.

Over the summer I want to do just a couple of things with Jonathan. I want him to read to me every day and do his journal. His teacher had him do a journal entry every day in school and I love it. She would give him a stem (like "This weekend I...) and he would have to complete the sentence and then draw a picture about what he wrote. It has been so fun going through his journal to see some of the things that were on his mind.

Yesterday I told Jonathan about my plans and he likes it but added that he wants to do his spelling spiral and his math workbook, too. My boy likes to learn!

So, how much school do you homeschoolers do over the summer? Should I keep it simple (reading and journal only) or should I go with his excitement to learn and include math and spelling words? I don't want to overdo it and burn him out.

Thanks for any advice!


Lillian said...

During the summer we keep on with our math. The girls also read and participate in all the different reading programs (library, Barnes n Noble, etc.). And I will try to do art appreciation this summer since I didn't find time for it over the school year.

We don't do spelling, etc. Really, lots of reading and writing will take care of that. And my girls love to write notes to each other and friends far away.

Reading and math are the main things we keep doing. And swimming and parks and visiting friends and going to Sea World!!

Have fun this summer!

Colleen said...

Thanks, Lillian! You're right. The spelling is kind of unnecessary if he's reading and writing often. We go to the library weekly and he has already started writing emails to grandparents. I guess I should encourage him to write actual letters instead of emails. Thanks for all the suggestions!

Tracy said...

congrats on the kindergarten graduation!!

Anonymous said...