Monday, May 19, 2008

My baby is little

Gustin had his one year check up last week and I was surprised when I heard where he fell on the growth charts. My kids have always been on the tall side. Jonathan is one of the tallest in his class and people often think Elizabeth is older than she is due to her height.

But, Gustin in only at the 15th percentile. I never realized that he is small! Not that there is anything wrong with that. I love my little boy just the same. It's just that I understand what it's like to be tall. I know the blessings and struggles and I feel like it is a characteristic that I can relate to. I have no idea what it is like to be small. Especially a small boy.

I actually thought that maybe the doctor was wrong. At least I did until I saw him standing next to his second cousin this weekend.Gustin was born 8 days before his cousin, but he's much smaller. My little boy is little! I don't know why that fact amazes me so much.

Of course, I have nothing to worry about. Gustin, like each of my children, will have his own talents and difficulties to overcome. And, Eric was always the little boy when he was growing up. He's average height for a man now, but he didn't finish growing until well into college. So, Eric will be able to be there for him to relate to. I guess it makes me a little sad that I won't be the one who will always be able to be there for him. Of course, he could go on a growth spurt tomorrow. Or he may continue to be small. Either way, I know he'll lead me on a great adventure.


Jill said...

Isn't height interesting? Paul and I are both average, I think. I'm a hair under 5'7" and Paul is about 5'10" or so. But, I have a really tall sister (also taller than her husband, like you are), a tall dad and brother and a long line of really tall uncles. Paul also has a long line of tall relatives, but also a pretty short father and set of grandparents...
We keep wondering what genes our kids will inherit. So far all of them seem to be right at 50% in height and weight through the years. (Even my huge 10 pound Henry has averaged out.)

Anyway, just rambling...
Like you said, of course it doesn't matter if they are tall or short, but in our society I do think it is hard to be a short boy or a tall girl, and I can see where you can relate to the tall ones! :)

Well, we always say we wish that they could stay little forever. So, snuggle up that little boy with lots of hugs and kisses! :)

Colleen said...

I agree with the wishing they could stay little forever. I find myself snuggling Gustin more and more just in case he is the last baby I have (not that I have any reason to think that is so, it's kind of a fear of mine).

Having kids is such an adventure. We never know what we are going to get and I think God just shattered my assumption that all my kids would be tall (even though I didn't even realize that I had made that assumption!).