Monday, September 22, 2008

Charles Update

Thank you all for your prayers! Charles is doing much better and is out of immediate danger. He still has a long road of recovery ahead of him, but he has definitely improved. His parents were even able to go and get some sleep, which to me is a real sign that he is much, much better.

I've introduced you all to Charles but you have not yet met the other two babies. I don't want to forget them!

Here's beautiful Gretchen. She's having a little trouble maintaining her body temperature, but otherwise she is doing wonderfully.

Here's little Michael. He is the one who had the pinched umbilical cord and was the reason why the babies had to be born last Thursday. He weighed about a pound less than the other two. You can see the folds of skin kind of hanging on his raised arm because there isn't any fat on him. Other than a little jaundice (that's why he under the blue bili lights) he's doing wonderfully, too. He wiggles, stretches and cries the most of the three.

And, here's one more picture of Charles. We haven't been able to experience much of his little personality because he has to be sedated. He's on a ventilator and you can see the tube that had to be inserted into his left lung to drain fluid and aid in his breathing.

So, there they are. Three little miracles. I have to say that it was quite an experience to be able to meet them this past weekend. They are so tiny and fragile, yet so alive and full of fight. They are such a gift, as all babies are. But, there is something about seeing these three tiny beings in the NICU that has just left me in awe. Somehow the boundaries between heaven and earth don't seem quite so solid in the presence of these fragile little souls.


Shannon said...

oh how wonderfully precious they are! prayers!

Jody said...

They are beautiful! I'll be praying for them and your family.

Christine said...

Such beautiful, beautiful children, just seeing them makes me cry. We'll be offering many more prayers here.

Michelle said...

They're so beautiful. I will pray for them.