Thursday, September 25, 2008


Remember when I got my new camera and I blogged that I was so excited that I would no longer have a need for portrait studios? I thought it would be so easy to snap my kids' yearly portraits when their birthdays role around. Well, Elizabeth turned 4 almost three months ago and I just did her portrait. And, I'm realizing, that getting a good portrait when you're not in a studio is hard! It's difficult to find the right light, background, and camera settings not to mention convincing my subject to actually look at the camera and smile at the same time. By the time we were done I had taken a couple hundred pictures and my favorite portrait of her is a picture that I took while goofing around over a month ago! But, we got some fun outtakes. Here are a few...

We have the grumpy face.
The stare-y eyed face.
The straining at a forced smile face.
And, of course, many, many sticking-out-the-tongue face.
There were a couple of decent ones. Not great, but okay. At least, I think the grandparents will be happy.

And, even with all the hassle, I still prefer it over a portrait studio. :)


Tracy said...

VERY nice!! I wish my older three would at least let me take pictures of them. Alex is the only child who will actually sit still and pose for me:(

Shannon said...

I still am just so obsessed with your camera!
When I finish school and have a job I'll get your advice on cameras!