Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Picture of the Day: My Sweetie

Elizabeth generally does not like to get her picture taken. She rarely both looks at the camera and smiles at the same time. I had to beg to get this shot, but I absolutely love it! I adore her sweet little smile.
Too bad this picture isn't "portraity" enough to count for her 4 year old portrait. I don't think our lawn chair is a very good background. But, I think I might get a print of this one anyway.

Here's another favorite taken the same day.

I've found that pictures of kids seem to turn out really well if I have them look up at the camera like in this shot.

Hmmmm... I can't decide if this one is "portraity" enough or not either. Maybe I should get a print of it, too? Decisions, decisions. I love it when the problem is that there are too many good pictures to choose from!


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Alice Gunther said...

Print them all!

She is beautiful!