Saturday, August 16, 2008

Daddy is away

Eric in on a plane right now on his way to San Francisco. From there he will go to Japan and then on to Singapore. He has business meetings through the week and then will come home on Friday. For those of you who travel or have husbands who travel, you know how grueling it is to have to travel so far. It will take him more than 24 hours to get to Singapore.

I would really appreciate prayers for Eric during this trip and for me and the kids while we go it alone for a full week. I really wish he didn't have to be gone over a Sunday. It's just not right to not be together as a family for mass (plus it's much more difficult to not have the extra set of hands!). I think I will be relying very heavily on the Blessed Mother to help me get through this week! I think Eric and I will both be having great adventures this week, however different they may be.

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