Friday, August 8, 2008

Off to get the big kids

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but I liked it so I'm posting it anyway. :)

I'm off to pick up Jonathan and Elizabeth from their grandparents this morning. This week has really gone well. After getting over the initial period of missing them and getting used to a quiet house, Gustin and I settled into a nice routine. We've played together and gone on walks. He's taken awesome naps. (Generally he's not a very good napper and I'm starting to think that all the noise his siblings make might be part of the reason why. With a quiet house he's done great!) And, I've gotten so much done around the house. I completed some of those "one of these days when I have a little spare time" tasks. You know, when I get some good time to focus, I'm really not all that bad of a housekeeper!

Eric and I even when out to dinner one night and then did a little evening shopping. Even though Gustin was with us, it still felt like a date. Compared to what we are used to, having just the baby was easy.

But, I'm so ready to see my big kids again and to hear all the stories of everything they did this week. I hope they talk my ear off on the drive back.

Any prayers for safe travel for all of us will be greatly appreciated. I'm always nervous when my kids are on the road without me (I'm meeting my mother in law halfway, about a two hour drive away).

Saint Christopher, pray for us!

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