Tuesday, August 26, 2008


**UPDATED at the bottom**

I just saw a video clip of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over at Mary's Aggies a few minutes ago. I am so upset and disturbed by it. Speaker Pelosi is asked in an interview on Meet the Press when human life begins. She dances around giving a definitive answer, of course, but during all her dancing she says that even the Catholic church doesn't know when life begins. She says that the issue has been debated across the centuries by the doctors of the church who couldn't agree on an answer. She even says that St. Augustine said that life didn't begin until three months after conception.


I'm am so angered by her lies and misrepresentation of Church teachings that I'm having a hard time forming my thoughts into coherent sentences right now. I just want to scream! And then, I want to cry...

Equally disturbing is the clip of Barak Obama's thoughts on when human life begins. Apparently, he has no idea. Don't you think that if you don't know when human life begins, then you should err of the side of caution given that if you are wrong you would be committing murder? The fate of human lives hang in the balance.

Ugh! I feel another need to scream coming on. And, some more crying. But, most importantly, I'm going to pray.

Check out Danielle Bean's synposis of the response of several American bishops to Pelosi's comments. I'm so glad that our bishops are speaking up so clearly and quickly on this issue.


Christine said...

I don't know if you follow Drudge - but he links to an article where Archbishop Whuerl responds to Pelosi's comments and is quite firm with her, as in he rebukes her publicly.

Here's the link http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/archbishop-pelosis-comments-on-abortion-are-false-2008-08-25.html

I am so happy that we have such a good archbishop in Washington.

Colleen said...

Thanks, Christine! I'll definitely look into that.

Shannon said...

thanks so much for this Colleen... I completely agree... and just hate that sickish feeling when people are ignorant about the Church.