Thursday, September 4, 2008

My niece

Isn't she just precious? We were able to see her this past week. What a little darling!I would also like to ask for some prayers for my triplet nephews and niece. They are doing great, are now at almost 31 weeks and could be making their debut at any time. Please pray that the delivery goes well and that the babies and mommy are healthy. Thank you!!


Tracy said...

Beautiful little girl!!
Prayers will be said for the coming of the new babies.. my cousin had triplets four years ago and didn't make it past 28 weeks.. her babies (two boys and one girl) were very tiny but they are all doing great and happy and healthy four yr olds!!

Colleen said...

Thanks! It makes me feel so much better when I hear stories of healthy babies. I think we are all going to be on pins and needles until they arrive.

Jill said...

I'm excited to hear about the arrival of the triplets! My SIL made it to 33 weeks and the three boys were all healthy, and like Tracy's relatives, are four years old now! They are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...