Saturday, September 27, 2008

Walk down memory lane

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday that made me want to cry. Don't worry, it wasn't anything bad. She jsut found some old photos from about four years ago on her computer and sent them to me. This is one of them...

Isn't it just precious? This is Jonathan when he was two years old hugging his best friend at the time, Maddy. This photo was taken about a month before Elizabeth was born. Four years doesn't seem like all that long ago, but the time in my life when it was just me and Jonathan all day long does seem like a very long time ago. It's just so hard to remember what life was like without Elizabeth and Gustin in it.

But, at the same time, I remember lots of little details. I gave Jonathan the haircut that he has in this picture. The shirt he is wearing was a hand-me-down from friends. He would rarely give hugs at that age, but Maddy would give them to everyone and it looks like in this picture she had finally convinced him to give her one back. Oh, and it's hard to tell, but his eyes are still blue in this pic. They started changing to green when he was about two and a half. Isn't that weird? I never new that eyes could change colors in a child that old.

Sadly, Jonathan doesn't get to see Maddy very often anymore. The playgroup that they were a part of slowly fell apart as some families moved away and all of us started to have more kids. But, it was such a fun and rewarding part of our lives. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find a similar playgroup for Elizabeth. So many of my friends have started working again, most of them part time, and very few kids we know are Elizabeth's age. Most of them are either significantly older or younger. I really wish Elizabeth had a close little group of 5 or 6 friends like Jonathan did. Sometimes I really feel badly that I haven't been able to provide her with more opportunity to play with kids her own age. :(

What about the rest of you moms? Do you remember back when it was just you and your first child? Doesn't it almost seem like another lifetime ago?