Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night Gustin slept through the night for about the fifth time in his 18 months of life. And, he did so in his crib and not in our bed. Ahhh... what a great night.

This morning when Gustin woke up, Elizabeth followed me in to get him.

"What is Gustin doing in his crib?"

"He slept in there last night," I replied.

"Jonathan, Jonathan! Come here and look!" Elizabeth calls to her brother. "Guess where Gustin slept last night?" she asks him as she points to the crib.

"In his crib?" he responds, obviously extremely impressed.

"Without crying!?!"

Yes, it was quite a feat.


Christine said...

That is absolutely wonderful!

Jill said...

Ok, I'm jealous! :)
Henry has yet to do it once in 15 months. Although, he had a fluke the other night where he only woke once at 4:30am, so maybe there's hope for him!
That's so cute how the big kids were so proud of him.

By the way, thanks a bunch for your awesome e-mail. I loved that phrase, and I will consider Aslynn in that category. ;)