Monday, November 10, 2008

Some of my favorite out of focus pictures

It happens a lot. I download my pictures to the computer and anxiously open them up to see how those shots I just took turned out. I find the thumbnail of the shot that I'm most excited to see and click on it. It pops up full size on my monitor and . . . it's blurry.

I usually learn from these botched photos. I probably forgot to fire a test shot first and make sure all my settings were right. ISO setting, white balance, aperture, one or more of them was probably off.

But, sometimes I can't help but love the blurry photos, too. Even though imperfect, they still capture little personalities with amazing accuracy.

And memories, too. How else am I going to remember that Gustin learned to correctly identify where his mouth is when he was 17 1/2 months old? (Doesn't he look proud of himself in the picture above?)

I guess pictures are kind of like people. Imperfect as they may be, they are still precious.