Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This will be a hard day

I've decided that I'm not going to watch the election coverage today. Too stressful. Instead, I'm going to pray and pray and pray. I pray that the Holy Spirit will move in the hearts of the voters. I pray that all the good people out there will stand up for the innocent who don't yet have a voice. I pray for the conversion of hearts. I pray that truth will not be stifled by hype and misdirected faith in a false hope. I pray that people will look to Christ as their savior and not to a mere man. I pray that all people will see evil for what it is and pursue good even if it isn't the easy or popular path.

I'm praying for a miracle.

Blessed Mother, pray for us!

O Lord, have mercy on us!

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Tracy said...

I've done the same.. no t.v. for us today, way too stressful and negative, we have prayed like crazy and stayed busy playing games and enjoying the outdoors.