Sunday, November 30, 2008

Welcome to Advent!

I love Advent and not because of all the Christmas preparations, lights, carols, cards, etc; though I love those, too. Advent is such a wonderful time to celebrate our Catholic faith and share it with our children. So, we're pulling out our Advent wreath and for the first time this year, we'll be doing a Jesse tree. I've always wanted to, but I've never gotten myself organized enough to prepare all the ornaments ahead of time. But, then I found these great downloadable ornaments that all I have to do is cut out (now that's a level of craftiness that I can handle!) and there are also reflections to go with each one.

Enjoy this time with your children. Less than four weeks are left until Christmas!


Tracy said...

I love Advent!!!!

Jill said...

Regarding sending a Christmas card overseas...
It requires a stamp that is about 85 cents, I think. Just ask at the post office. I'm telling you this because one of my friends mailed me a letter- just a letter- and thought she needed to put it in a priority envelope and spent $20 on it! I felt horrible. So, I wanted to warn you not to do this!! :)
I'm glad you like our card. It's funny, because I wanted to do a nice picture of the kids in their Christmas clothing. I had a time constraint because I had to have them sent to my mom and dad's house and they were going to bring them here when they came. Well, I told Paul, "We have to take the Christmas picture tonight." He was exhausted and it was late and neither of us could muster up the energy to dress the kids up. So, we popped them in the tub, got them in their jammies and snapped a photo. Pretty easy. I don't like it as well as other years (we always do a family photo and I miss that), but it will do!

Anyway, enough rambling. The boys are back in school today so I actually have a few minutes to write!