Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What do you eat for lunch?

I'm trying to improve my eating habits lately. Since Gustin is now weaned, it's even more important that I make some changes or the extra pounds that breastfeeding kept at bay will start to pile on. I think I do a good job at breakfast and supper. My weak spots are lunch and sweet snacks. I know how to fix the eating sweet snacks issue (just don't!) but lunch is tough. I'm so busy preparing the kids' lunch, changing out laundry, cleaning up the present that the dog left on the carpet, etc, during the lunch hour that what I eat becomes an afterthought. An unhealthy, grab-what's-easy afterthought.

So, any suggestions of easy and healthy lunch ideas? I could really use some help.


Christine said...

Colleen, when I'm not pregnant I find it really helpful to buy one of those containers of salad (the boxes not the bags) and have salad for lunch.

You have to make sure you have enough salad goodies - that you'll want to eat it and feel full. So I would also buy (these usually last at least a week for me), -a container of crumbled feta or blue or goat cheese, a package of almond accents or some other kind of nut I like on salads, a can or 2 of hearts of palm, artichoke hearts or baby corn, a dressing that I find decadent, or make my own using good seasonings(the brand), and some kind of meat for my salad.

If the kids like luncheon meat, I find it easy to cut up a few pieces to throw on, or precooked seasoned diced chicken breast, or even leftover rotisserie chicken (You can even cut up chicken nuggets).

You can throw anything on (think of your favorite restaurant salads), but it makes it easier to plan it at the beginning of the week, and then just pull it out of the fridge and sprinkle your toppings on the salad.

If anything needs chopping I do it the first day I make the salad and then put it in a sandwich bag. It is so good to have a freshly made salad, and it has enough protein (the meat, cheese, nuts) to keep you going for a while. It really doesn't take much time.

Tracy said...

I find that making sure I don't get "over" hungry.. you said you get so busy at lunch time, well, then you get overly hungry and you'll grab anything to satisfy that hunger. I always keep some low fat snacks ready for myself, cut up carrots, apples, orange slices, then if I am in a busy moment and can't get to lunch right away, I grab one of my healthy snacks to tide me over, give me energy and make sure that when I sit down for lunch I'm not so overly hungry that I over indulge, also, I always keep a bottle of cold water in the fridge for myself and sip on that non stop during the day, that too helps keep cravings down. Good luck!

Colleen said...

Wow! Thanks for the great advice Christine and Tracy! This is a great start.

Lillian said...

Boiled Eggs!! I LOVE boiled eggs. I usually boil 1/2 a dozen to a dozen eggs. Some of my kids like them, too. I boil them up in the morning and eat them when I don't have time to sit down for a proper lunch. Some boiled eggs with carrot sticks and some water are sometimes all I eat when I'm busy with homeschooling.

When I forget to boil eggs, I'll even ask Isabelle to start a pot of boiling water and carefully put eggs into it.

Also, I ditto the idea of salads.

A new thing I started about a month ago was to join a fruit/veggie co-op with some ladies at church. Every two weeks I get a BIG laundry basket full of fruit and veggies for $20.

This has been forcing me to eat healthier since there is so much produce to get through.

I hate grocery shopping and fresh fruit/vegges are usally the first things eaten. By buying alot, and having it around, I find I eat healthier. Its just having it around that helps me.

Good luck!