Saturday, June 7, 2008

The brothers

Once Gustin was born, I began to wonder about him and his brother. What kind of relationship will two brothers have when there is more than 5 years difference in their age? Will they still play together, enjoy each other's company? Will Jonathan see his younger brother as a friend or just a pest?

Lately, the relationship between these brothers has really been blooming. No one can make Gustin laugh like Jonathan. And, he really loves playing with his younger brother.

Here's what I caught them doing together yesterday. I don't think I have anything to worry about.


Jill said...

I always felt like girls needed sisters. But, now that I have three boys I realize how wonderful it is for boys to have brothers! (Still hoping for that sister for Aslynn, though!)
Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

It is amazing how they will somehow "fit" as brothers & friends, no matter the age difference. My hubby is the youngest of 11 kids and his oldest brother is 19 years older and they have developed a fantastic relationship!!

Colleen said...


That is great to know! Thanks for sharing that with me!

Shannon said...

Oh, Colleen, they are both just so sweet! And I loved hearing your voice too!
Thanks for your comments on my blog...