Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Tiger Cub

At the end of Kindergarten this year, Jonathan became a Tiger Cub. This past Saturday, Flag Day, was the first Scouting event that he has attended. They had a ceremony for the retiring of old flags and the commissioning of new ones.

Here are all the flags to be retired.

It was a solemn ceremony that the scouts took very seriously along with some Knights of Columbus and members of the local VFW. A bugler played, we sang God Bless America, and the scouts stood at attention as the first flag was retired to the fire.

Gustin did well even though the intense heat of the day was magnified by the fire.

Here's Elizabeth clutching a brand new flag that we were given to display at our home. She seems to be taking the day very seriously as well.

Jonathan was able to personally retire a flag. He patiently waited in line for his turn.

Then, he had to hold up the flag, or "present" it, one last time.

After that he carefully folded it back up . . .

And, tossed it into the fire.

Very exciting for a six year old!

Here's all the members of the troop in attendance. Jonathan doesn't have his real uniform yet so he's just wearing his Cub Scout t-shirt. He's the littlest one with his hands in front of his face in the front row.
It was a really neat day. I think Cub Scouts is going to be very rewarding, not just for Jonathan, but for our entire family.

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Lillian said...

That is so neat!! What an honor! I'm sure he'll remember that for the rest of his life!

Loving all the pictures!! ;-)