Wednesday, June 25, 2008

When Daddy's in charge

When Daddy is in charge of the kids you never know what is going to happen. I'm sure it's true of all fathers. Eric has a whole creative section in his brain that I seem to be lacking. When I'm out and he's watching the kids, he comes up with all kinds of fun things for them to do. I come home to all kinds of interesting stories about their exploits. He can also make them laugh long and hard in a way that I can not duplicate, he comes up with creative lunches (and sometimes they're even healty!), and he is the master of messes.

This past weekend we were all outside as a family. Jonathan and Elizabeth were riding their bikes and I was on look-out-for-cars duty. Eric was watering some of the flower beds and watching the baby. Of course it wasn't long before the baby was soaking wet. Can you see the water dripping off of Gustin's chin?

I snapped the above picture then went back to helping the big kids with their bikes and taking pictures of them as they rode. After a while, it was time to go back inside. I started to put away my camera, but after catching a glimpse of Gustin, I had to pull it out for a few more shots.

This is what I saw...

A thoroughly filthy baby!
I don't think any baby in my care has gotten so dirty. But, that's one of the reasons that God invented daddies. Getting messy is an important part of being a kid and Eric is around to make sure I don't forget it!

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Christine said...

My goodness, what a muddy baby! Looks like he enjoyed himself too.