Friday, June 20, 2008

Tooth #2 is outta there!

Jonathan lost his second tooth today! He was very proud of it and begged me to take his picture. He loves to pose for the camera and willingly flashes a smile.
After our impromptu photo session was done, he begged me to put his pictures on the computer. He wanted to see himself full size. Once I had the photos imported into photoshop, he directed all the editing. We adjusted the crop for about ten minutes until he was satisfied with the result. He also directed the amount of light and contrast in the photo.

Overall, I'd say he's got pretty good instincts. I think the finally result isn't too shabby!

Photography tip: To get a picture with great natural light, have your child sit near a north facing window. The light is bright enough so you don't need a flash, but not direct, so you don't get any harsh shadows.

Photography tip #2 (a.k.a. note to self): Don't forget to clear out all the miscellaneous toys from behind your child. That way you won't have to crop so much! :)

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